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Around here, we’ve got big hearts and loads of tools to support families and tiny tots aged 2-7 diagnosed with autism.

We’re an innovative early intervention clinic in beautiful Overland Park, KS. And we’re here to help you and your little one get the therapy, education and support you need to create a thriving, safe and fun-filled life.  

The Behavior Project is driven by more than research, we’re driven by passion. All programming is based off the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, a research-based approach to improve social behavior and quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Our comprehensive programs and our team is as dedicated and committed to your child’s success as you are.



1:1 services

You can’t do it all on your own. 1:1 support is essential for a child that is needing early intervention services. Our board certified behavior analysts are excited to get to know you and your child more. We’re here to help you manage the day-to-day challenges of autism. From Consultation to Comprehensive, we’ve got you covered.


PARENT Support

Parenting is hard. And as a parent of a kiddo with autism, you’ve got an even bigger job to do. Having the right tools and knowledge are essential for you. The Behavior Project offers different services based on your needs and the level of support you’re seeking.  Got a few quick questions? Looking for ongoing coaching? Or just unsure of where to even begin? You’re in the right spot!


Applied Behavior Analysis

Still new to all of this? Wanting to understand your child and their needs more? We know how overwhelming it can be when starting out. If you want to learn more about ABA, or red flags to watch for, then this is the place to look. You’re only one click away from getting answers to your specific questions, plus many more FAQs!


Meet Kate

As an expert on behavior, my passion and dedication for helping kids diagnosed with autism stems from more than just my research, it’s personal. Experiencing one of my own family members navigate raising a child with autism sparked in me the desire to learn more and help others. With more than a decade of studying and experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, a Masters and Board certification in behavior and autism, and my area of expertise in early intervention, I have the unique skills and tools to help you and your child



Let's take a look at the different ways that we can work together.

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